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When it comes to choosing eyewear there’s lots you need to consider. When will you be wearing your glasses? How long for? How will they look? At Averns and Sandalls, we understand that you have all these things to think about. We want to help you in any way we can to ensure that you leave us completely happy with your new spectacles.

You will have plenty of time to browse our extensive range of more than 1000 frames when you come to Averns and Sandalls. With everything from top designer brands right through to budget options, you’re sure to find something affordable that looks great.

Among our designer frames you’ll find names you recognise, such as Gucci, Calvin Klein and Nike. They each live up to their brand’s impeccable reputation, and all have their brand logo on the arm of the frame.

Maybe you’re looking for eyewear that’s making less of a statement? Something inconspicuous that goes with everything and doesn’t look like you’re wearing spectacles at all?

Rimless spectacles are a great option if you’re concerned about the above, or find frames a distraction. At Averns and Sandalls we have a great range of rimless eyewear to meet your requirements.

If your little one needs glasses, we stock a variety of specialist eyewear for their smaller measurements. With brands including Whizkids, Superman and Barbie you can rest assured that your son or daughter will leave us as happy with their new spectacles as you are.

The aftercare we offer at Averns and Sandalls is just as important as the care you receive when you’re in our practice. Over time, screws in frames may become loose and nose pads can even fall off.

To prove to you that we are 100% confident in every product we offer, we will give you a satisfaction guarantee. If at any point you’re not completely happy with your eyewear, please do not hesitate to return them to us. We will then do everything in our power to get them back to you as good as new.

As a specialist Zeiss lens stockist we can provide the latest varifocal lens designs. Carl Zeiss Vision  constantly launches highly innovative products to provide wearers with better vision.  As an Independent we can source any spectacle lenses including Essilor, Nikon, Seiko, Kodak, etc.


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